The pressure was on for Scotty McCreery over the weekend. However, he wasn't performing in front of a crowd of thousands of screaming fans, and he wasn't appearing live on national television. So what exactly was he doing, you ask? The 18-year-old country superstar was attending his high school prom, of course!

McCreery and a few of his pals from Garner High got all dolled up for the big night, and the singer was gracious enough to share a photo through his Twitter page. "Prom 2012!" he tweeted, acknowledging his pals who stood beside him (left to right: Heather McClung and Jacob Bowes, Gabi Dugal and McCreery, Krista King and Mason Sawyer).

If McCreery's date Gabi Dugal looks a bit familiar to his fans, she should. Dugal was McCreery's leading lady in his 'The Trouble With Girls' video, which was released last fall.

The group's individual Twitter pages have been relatively quiet since the big night, so no word on how the event went. McCreery did send a follow up tweet after posting the picture however, making a pun of his song saying, "They prolly had some trouble w/ boys tonight tho! hahah.. #twoleftfeet."

Regardless if the boys had any solid dance moves in them or not, we think it's a safe bet that they all had a blast! It's great to see that despite his fame, McCreery is still living the life of a normal teenager. This is the second year in a row that he has attended Garner High School's prom.

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