Scotty McCreery is 'just' a country singer to many, but to 75-year-old Judith Garloch, he's also a lifesaver.

Garloch, a lifelong music lover, wasn't really into country music until the tenth season of 'American Idol' -- the one that McCreery ended up winning. She watched the show religiously, which eventually prompted her husband, Kenneth, to join her.

“Usually I watch TV downstairs and he watches westerns and sports upstairs,” Judith explains. “He started liking Scotty and he’d come down and watch (Idol) with me.”

But one night while watching 'Idol' together, Kenneth felt his wife's head hit his shoulder. She hadn't fallen asleep -- rather, she was in full cardiac arrest. Firefighters rushed to the scene, and eventually, she was stabilized.

Judith had a pacemaker put in the next day. Although she’s grateful to all those who helped save her life, the country fan believes McCreery should be credited, too.

“If (my husband) hadn’t been with me, watching Scotty McCreery, he wouldn’t have found me until hours later,” she relates.

While the 'See You Tonight' singer was onstage in front of the 'Idol' judges, he probably never knew exactly how much impact his presence on the show would have. To show her gratitude, Judith Garloch has since bought every album the 'Idol' winner has ever made.

This week, the elderly couple's daughter also bought her parents tickets to the young singer's in Newark, Ohio. Not only did they get to see McCreery light up the stage on Jan. 23, but they also got to thank him in person for saving a very precious life.