After an extremely scary Monday morning during which he was held up by gunmen, Scotty McCreery opened up about the home invasion that took place in Raleigh, N.C. In a statement he thanked fans for their support and prayers.

The singer wrote a message on Facebook:

About last night's robbery: Yes, it was definitely a very scary night. Luckily, my friends and I are safe and the Raleigh PD is on the case. I will share more when the time is right, but as of now we do not want to do or say anything that could hinder the investigation. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and support. A huge thank you to the Raleigh PD for their quick response and hard work in solving this case.

Around 2AM this morning, three men broke into an apartment and held him and his friends at gunpoint, leaving McCreery and company unharmed, but without their wallets, cell phones and other computer equipment.

It was a difficult ending to the country star's second year at NC State, just miles away from his hometown of Garner, N.C. will begin touring again on Friday, and fans can be sure to show him their support and encouragement at the shows and via social media.

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