Scotty McCreery has headed back to his hometown high school to shoot his video for 'The Trouble With Girls.' The North Carolina native hit the halls of Garner High School, where McCreery is currently enrolled as a senior, on Saturday, Oct. 1, and he brought plenty of his friends along for the shoot.

According to, 17-year-old McCreery and his G.H.S. buddies partook in everyday student activities, like conducting science experiments and passing notes in class. "For me, it’s all about making it believable,” McCreery said. “Even the songs in my album – they’re about my life."

Nashville-based director Roman White is taking control of producing 'The Trouble With Girls' clip, and he said the high school made for the perfect video set. "It’s kind of a high school story about boys and girls and first love – kind of innocent glances," White, who has also directed videos for names like Taylor Swift, said.

McCreery took to Twitter to express how fun and special the video shoot was for him. He wrote, "#thetroublewithgirls + garner high + best friends + baseball + football + goggles, chemistry explosions, and a great lab partner = #greatday." He also tweeted, "absoultely [sic] INCREDIBLE day back in Gtown!!! this was truly one to remember.. I cannot wait for yall to see this music video! ... i really am pumped.. it takes a lot for me to use all caps on a word in a tweet, haha. but this will definitely be a special video!"

Even though McCreery is excited about releasing his new video, his friends are absolutely ecstatic to have roles in the video. "It’s kinda hard to believe," Tyler White, 17, told News Observer. "When he left, we were proud of him, but we never thought it would come down to this – shooting a video here. It’s kind of surreal." Gabi Dugal, 17, was also feeling a little starstruck about being involved with the project. "I never thought I’d be on TV, so it’s going to be really weird," she said.

Scotty McCreery's debut album 'Clear as Day' will hit retailers this Tuesday, Oct. 4.

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