Finally, a Scotty McCreery dating rumor about the 'American Idol' winner that doesn't revolve around his pal Lauren Alaina! The juicy question on the street is whether the 'I Love You This Big' singer is dating 'Idol' contestant Thia Megia, who made it to the Top 13 but was voted off in late March. People really want Scotty McCreery to have a girlfriend, don't they?

During McCreery's call in to Ryan Seacrest's eponymous radio show, Seacrest flat out asked McCreery if he and Megia are an item. The singer laughed and said, "I have never heard that one before. I have to decline that one. Me and Thia? We're good friends, but nothing more than that." He labeled Megia as a good friend and a nice girl and that's that.

Seacrest continued to prod, in jest. But no, McCreery never took Megia to a Steak 'n Shake, either! "That's a good restaurant," he said while laughing. Besides, there was no time for anything to happen on the American Idols Live Tour since McCreery was strapped for time and recording 'Clear as Day' from the road. He said, "I had no time. I was the busiest kid out there."

That busy schedule didn't stop him from taking in his first love, though! He admitted, "I was the last person on the show, so if I had to hop over a fence and go to a baseball game across the street, with my hat on and shades low, I might have done that a couple of times."

While we're all excited for the time when Scotty McCreery gets an "official" girlfriend, there are no sparks between him and Thia Megia. And no, he's not dating Lauren Alaina, either.