Scotty McCreery received more votes than Lauren Alaina and was crowned the winner of Season 10 of 'American Idol.'  The young country singer remained impressively composed and humble after the announcement.

He was also extremely gracious to his final competitor, Alaina.  McCreery told host Ryan Seacrest immediately after winning the award, "It's been a year since Lauren and I tried out. Me and her have been together and we're gonna stay together." (He means professionally, as in, expect some duets from them. We think. But maybe there's something to that dating rumor after all.)

After a non-stop two hour parade of 'Idol' alumni and special guest stars, the show was clearly running late on time -- judge Steven Tyler only got to sing about a verse of his band Aerosmith's classic 'Dream On' prior to the final announcement -- so when McCreery started his intended acceptance speech with "I gotta thank the Lord first," well, that's about all he got to say.

McCreery managed to get a quick shout-out to his family in before Seacrest corralled him into singing his new single 'I Love You This Big.' Please take our critique extremely lightly when we say that McCreery isn't the best multi-tasker in the world.

Truth be told, he missed about half his vocals this time around, but it was for the best of all possible reasons. He seemed properly focused on hugging his family, accepting his fellow contestants' congratulations, and finally collapsing in a flood of confetti as your new 'American Idol.'

We'd like to remind you: We predicted Scotty McCreery's win way back in March! Congratulations, Scotty.

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