Shania Twain made her first appearance on Ellen since the long-awaited release of new music, and she showed the audience she’s still got it. On Friday (Sept. 29) — the same day her new album, Now, dropped — Twain appeared to perform “Life’s About to Get Good” on the show.

Looking better than ever in a deep purple glittering tuxedo jacket, the singer performed with the confidence of someone who knows exactly who she is, which is a theme on this album. Having gone through a divorce and trials with her vocal health, Twain has come out on the other side with a positive outlook and some great songs to show for it.

“Life’s About to Get Good” is one of them. The singer brought the uplifting tune to the Ellen stage, showing off her vocal skills and clearly enjoying being back in the saddle with a new record after 15 years. Twain has released a few songs from the record in advance of the full album, including “Poor Me,” and “Swinging With My Eyes Closed.”

Check out the full performance of “Life’s About to Get Good” above.

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Twain recently opened up about her struggle with dysphonia — something she believes may have been a side effect from Lyme disease — and the potential of never recovering her voice in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning.

“I went through a phase of letting go and grieving over that loss, that I would never be a singer again,” she says. “It was terrible. It was really, really a terrible thing.”

Fortunately, after years of vocal therapy, she was able to recover, and her much-anticipated fifth album Now is available … well, now. When she’s not performing to promote its release, she’s gearing up for a supporting tour that kicks off in 2018, running from May to August.

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