Shania Twain's upcoming new album, Queen of Me, is all about finding self-love and self-confidence at every age and stage — and having fun along the way. As she invites listeners to find joy in who they are, Twain is leading by example: She's headed into her new album cycle with whimsical, cotton candy pink hair.

Twain showed off her new 'do during a Thursday morning (Jan. 5) appearance on Today, where she discussed her forthcoming album and in particular, her new song "Giddy Up!," which came out on Thursday morning.

In conversation with show host Hoda Kotb, Twain, 57, spoke to the importance of learning to be comfortable in your own skin, especially as the body ages.

"As we age, and you know, our skin starts to melt and all kinds of things happen to us, I realized I was shy about wearing a bikini at the beach when I was younger. I'm thinking, 'That was ridiculous. I've gotta stop this nonsense,'" Twain recounts.

"And start wearing a bikini to the beach now, even though I'm not my 20-year-old self. I just gotta get over that stuff," she adds.

Twain's pink hair has been a theme, though not a constant, in her recent public appearances. She donned pink hair — and a variety of colorful wigs — in the music video for "Waking Up Dreaming," the first single off of Queen of Me, and again at the 2022 People's Choice Awards.

However, her signature brown hair isn't completely gone: She was brunette for a Thursday stop on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and in the dance music video for "Giddy Up!"

Twain is known for incorporating eye-catching, well-thought-out details into the visual aesthetics she pairs with her music, including stage design, video directing and fashion. No detail goes unnoticed in service of the singer's larger aesthetic vision, and that's truer than ever on Queen of Me: Not only does she underscore its messages of joy and self-acceptance by donning pink hair, but she also posed nude for the ""Waking Up Dreaming" cover art.

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