This week, Shania Twain gave fans what they've been longing for since the mid-2000s: a new music video! 'Today Is Your Day' premiered online, showing the singer looking better than ever.

While she sings the opening verses of the song, Twain proves she is a strong woman in more ways than one, as personal footage of her skydiving and rock climbing play. Always known for one to have a good time, Twain also shows a bit of her silly side as she sings the song lakeside and poses next to a vehicle sporting her beautiful face.

Twain is also featured in her element: the recording studio, where she lays the track down for the powerful and inspiring song. The video includes many behind-the-scenes and personal clips of the singer away from the spotlight, including her training with a Lipizzaner Stallion and special moments with her new hubby, Frederic Thiebaud.

The new single has become an anthem for country music fans since its release. Fans can see Twain perform the song live starting in December 2012 when she begins a series of performances at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas.

Watch the Shania Twain 'Today Is Your Day' Video