Sheryl Crow wants her fans to put away their cell phones during her live shows. Not because she doesn't want footage leaking online, but because she wants to share a direct experience with her fans and doesn't want the digital disruption.

"Now, everybody's in their own worlds and trying to capture something that they can watch later and communicating with people outside of the room," the singer, set to release her country debut 'Feels Like Home' this Tuesday, Sept. 10, said.

Instead of focusing on what's taking place right in front of their eyes, fans are too busy texting, tweeting and filming the festivities, leading to a disconnect between themselves and the artist before them.

She furthered, "I guess for me it's annoying, more than anything, and I think that every artist I've talked to would agree with the fact that it is not nearly as much fun to play to peoples' cameras instead of to their eyes."

Ya hear that, country music and Sheryl Crow fans? Put those phones away. Tuck them in your pockets or your purses and enjoy the show. Just like the olden days!

You can expect Crow to make the request if she catches your thumbs in action. She revealed that her edict isn't always met with cooperation, though, saying, "I'm constantly encouraging people to put their phones away while I'm playing—you know, 'Get your shots early and let's put our gadgets away.' But it seems to fall on deaf ears."

There is a solution in the future, though. She hinted, "You know, I'm working on some technology right now that's gonna enable people to walk out with a show and hopefully encourage people to put their gadgets away."

One can only hope that she is able to offer fans audio or video recordings of her shows after the fact so they don't have to use their smartphones during.

Crow is touring with Gary Allan. Be respectful and put your phone down when she's on the stage.


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