Chapel Hart clinched their spot in the America's Got Talent finals with their Tuesday night (Aug. 16) performance of their original song, "The Girls Are Back In Town."

The energetic, ultra-country tune finds the ladies singing about going out on the town, and it name drops country stars Tanya Tucker and Gretchen Wilson. Not only did the performance earn them a spot in the finals, but it earned a reaction from Tucker herself.

Tucker took to social media Wednesday (Aug. 17) to share her thoughts on tune, in which the trio sings, "Dancin' on the bar all night long to another Tanya Tucker song."

The storied singer, dressed in full Christmas-themed garb, shared a video from her dressing room on the set of a Christmas movie she is filming.

"I saw y'all on America's Got Talent, and wow, you were fantastic," she says. "I love, love your thing. You've got a great vibe and it's so different, so good luck to you."

The trio, made up of sisters Danica and Devynn Hart and their cousin Trea Swindle, re-shared Tucker's video on their social media accounts and expressed their excitement at the superstars sentiment.

"And the blessings just keep on pouring in!! It’s trailblazers like Tanya Tucker who inspire us to be bold and courageous and keep up the fight to keep making our dreams come true EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! We love you Tanya!!!! *SCREAM*," they write.

Not only did the performance garner accolades from Tucker, but "The Girls Are Back in Town" landed at No. 1 on the iTunes Country Albums chart after the episode aired.

Chapel Hart and magician Yu Hojin both advanced to the finals on America's Got Talent, where they will compete against country singer Drake Milligan and saxophonist Avery Dixon (so far). The qualifiers continue over the next few weeks and the finals begin on Tuesday, Sept. 13, with the ultimate winner being announced on Sept. 14.

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