News of Taylor Swift's breakup from Conor Kennedy has spread like cooties -- so much so that even other celebrities are taking sides on the matter. Word of the reported split broke on Thursday. By Friday morning, Donald Trump -- who is on top of the latest rumors, apparently -- had weighed in using his Twitter account.

Of Course, Trump's blast on the Kennedy boy could be politically motivated, as he's leaned Republican in recent years and the Kennedys are historically Democrats. Swift has never made her political alliances known publicly, not even in the liner notes of an album, though 'Red' does have a song specifically dedicated to Ethel Kennedy, 'Starlight.'

An anonymous source told Us Weekly that it was just a "distance thing" that caused the 22-year-old singer and her 18-year-old boy to separate. If the rumors are true (nothing credible has been said from either party's team yet), Swift isn't backing away from the house she purchased in Hyannis Port -- just across the street from the Kennedy compound. TMZ reports that the sale will close in two weeks. Swift allegedly dropped $4.5 million on the waterfront property.

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