Everyone's been talking about 'The Hunger Games' for months, and now fans everywhere are just days away from the premiere of the post-apocalyptic film based on Suzanne Collins' bestselling book. Even so, those who absolutely can't wait until Friday can hold themselves over with the film's soundtrack, which drops today (March 20). Featuring artists like Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert and the Civil Wars, the soundtrack is a star-studded musical endeavor with a country tinge, set to perfectly fit the film.

While we've heard a ton about and seen the music video for Taylor Swift's collaboration with the Civil Wars -- the sweetly melancholy lead single from the soundtrack, 'Safe & Sound' -- Swift talked to Entertainment Weekly in their March 9 issue about the other song she has on the release. While 'Safe and Sound' speaks of comfort in the midst of uncertainty, Swift says her other single is not so reassuring.

“I wrote it about Katniss’ relationship with the Capitol," she says of the protagonist (quote via Country Music Is Love). "It basically serves as a warning for her not to trust anyone -- in many ways the opposite of ‘Safe & Sound,'” she says, adding her own description of the song in comparison to the lead single, calling it “more frantic and fast-paced, a completely different shade of music.”

In the same interview, Swift admitted that she's a huge fan of the 'Hunger Games' book series, which is why she knew she wanted to be a part of the soundtrack. Says Swift, "I fell in love with the book, fell in love with the themes running through it, [and] fell in love with Katniss (the lead protagonist in the story)."

'Eyes Open' hit the web in full last week, thanks to an early leak, and it will be officially released today with 'The Hunger Games' soundtrack compilation.

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