While breakups may be Taylor Swift's stock-in-trade right now, the singer doesn't always foresee it being that way.Swift has won over the hearts of many by mining her personal life as source material for her songs, though she's also been made the butt of many a joke for her consistent subject matter. At some point, the superstar says she plans to flex her creative muscles and write songs from a different point of view and perspective.

"I'm sure at some point in my career I'll branch out and do albums that relate to other people's stories or have a different overall theme," Swift tells UK magazine Look.

While she may shift her lyrical perspective in order to creatively stimulate herself, she will always write honestly and about love, not only because it does so well, but because it's a universal topic that everyone relates to.

"But I’ll always write from the heart and I’ll continue to write about love, because romance is something we are all looking for," Swift explains.

So no, Swift not being scared away from her topic of choice because of the criticism she receives. Instead, she just plans to develop her style, just as any good artist would do.

Swift also shares that it's when she is on the move -- which is often, since she has so many commitments with her music, her perfumes, her fashion endorsements and beyond -- that she comes up with her best lyrics. When bathed in moonlight is the most fertile time of day for her to write, too.

"It’s when a lot of the good ideas come," she spills. "When I’m traveling on a plane or in a car, I’ll start thinking, too. I think of things in the form of lyrics."

There's no way that Taylor Swift can't write from a heartfelt perspective, even if she isn't directly pulling from her journals or personal experience every time.