Last week on 'The Voice,' Blake Shelton's teammate Cassadee Pope brought the house down by performing Miranda Lambert's 'Over You.' The song is particularly important to Shelton, not just because his wife sings it, but because they co-wrote it about his late brother. His other team member, flawless Scottish rocker Terry McDermott, answered the call this week by singing Shelton's own 'Over' on tonight's (Nov. 26) live performance episode.

"I think this song is better suited for Terry than it ever was for me," Shelton said during the rehearsals, since it was written by a rock band, and McDermott is a rock dude. Shelton also felt it was time to for McDermott to show the viewers and the audience a different look, musically speaking. This song was certainly something different, new and unexpected, since we normally enjoy McDermott's delivery of anthems.

McDermott was a bit nervous about tackling the song, since "Blake set such a high standard with it." The singer also spoke about his family, and how he wants to win the show so he can support both his son and wife, and to give Shelton a consecutive win for the series. There really is a true kinship between Shelton and McDermott.

Up until now, McDermott has belted out big, classic rock songs. He slowed things down with this twangy ballad, but his voice was still larger-than-life and it was that much more powerful. Emotion dripped from each and every note and word.

Adam Levine joked, "So that's what that song is supposed to sound like," which was a dig at his bro Shelton. Levine did celebrate McDermott's "inspiring" precision, and how he nails every note cleanly and clearly.

"You performed that song like I always wished I could," Shelton said. "You did all the things, vocally, that I can't do. Adam is right. He is making joke, but he is exactly right. You proved yourself as the real deal."

We have to agree. It was a terrific rendition from McDermott.