It's that time of year when people everywhere -- including CMA Award-winning country stars -- start pulling out their time-worn recipe books. For the Band Perry, Thanksgiving means their family's pumpkin pie recipe. According to the sibling trio's former label, the Perrys' pumpkin pie has gone by several different names throughout the years.

“We have this family recipe for pumpkin pie that was originally Kimberly's Traditional Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie," explains Kimberly. "And then subsequently, they crossed out my name and Reid put his name in there for his Traditional Pumpkin Pie. And then this little guy came along, Neil, and so he crossed out both of our names ...  So it's one of the favorites in our household."

In August, the sibling trio performed their empowering pop anthem, "Live Forever," at the Olympic Games in Rio.  The song was named Team USA’s official song for the 2016 Olympics.

The group split with Big Machine Label Group in March, and have signed a new deal with Interscope, which sparked rumors that they were "going pop." But despite some more electronic-based production elements in some of their new music, the musicians insist that their upcoming album will still be released to country radio, adding that they could potentially remix some of the songs for mainstream radio as they did with "If I Die Young."

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