The Band Perry may be in better physical shape than any country artist not named McGraw. Their aerobic set at Country Jam in Grand Junction, Colo. was also as well-manicured a show as you'll see. No detail gets ignored.

The sibling trio emerged with a hyper version of "Let Me Be Lonely" before bursting into "Done." Five minutes into a cool desert night and everyone in the band was jumping up and down. It wouldn't be the only time. "Night Gone Wasted" followed before a short spell to allow fans not as physically fit to catch their breath.

Every move in a Band Perry show seems choreographed to the point that you can't even tell. Neil, Reid and Kimberly Perry are well-rehearsed, and their camera crew knew just where to aim when each was singing or playing, or just jumping around like 20-somethings at a country festival do. The band has so much pure energy. One knew when they began Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk" it would be magnificent, and it was. The spot-on cover (the first but likely not last version Country Jam fans will hear this year) matched the original syllable for syllable.

The most subdued moments of the show in Grand Junction Thursday night (June 18) came just before their final push to the encore. "Pioneer," the title track of the siblings' most recent album, came with a very personal story from Kimberly Perry about how the song helped them through a difficult creative time. For an album cut, it was received well — especially after a lengthy introduction.

Not everyone in the audience knew "Gentle on My Mind," one of the most well-written songs ever. The Band Perry covered the Glen Campbell hit and released it to radio in 2014, and this version strayed little after the slowed intro. One surprise came midway through when the stage lost power. A few in the audience kept the song alive until the electricity snapped back on to find Kimberly and her brothers mid-sentence as if it'd never happened.

The Band Perry offer a sexy, professional experience that's unmatched in country music. One senses Neil could play Reid's parts and run his paths on stage, and vice-versa. Everyone knows where the other two are, and what move he or she is about to do well in advance. "Chainsaw" and a Neil-led cover of Queen's "Fat Bottom Girls" closed the show, before a short encore that included "If I Die Young" and "Better Dig Two."

TBP closed Day 1 of 2015 Country Jam, following opening sets by Parmalee, LoCash, Logan Mize and Sasha McVeigh. The weekend's remaining headliners are Keith Urban, Tim McGraw and Toby Keith.

Country Jam 2015: Day 1 Highlights