If you've been wanting to memorize the words to the Band Perry's latest hit song, 'Better Dig Two,' all you need to do is watch their new lyric video. With a new twist on the old video template, the clip shows every word of the song, and it contains some gorgeous background shots to boot.

Country music lovers first heard 'Better Dig Two' when the sibling trio debuted the song on the CMA Awards a few weeks ago. According to GACTV, immediately after the CMAs, the Band Perry took off to film the actual music video for the new single. But in order to tide fans over until it's ready, this lyric clip is a perfect fill-in.

It appears that the entire clip was shot out in the country. Rustic images of beat-up fences, crumbling stones, fraying ropes and dirty mason jars fill up the video's split screen, while handwritten lyrics scroll through in interesting patterns.

The background shots make the video come to life. While the song title sounds slightly romantic, and as if Kimberly Perry wants to be with her husband forever, the lyric video shows a different side to the song. What she's really singing about is taking her own life if he dies first. If he goes before her, she'll tell the gravedigger to dig two graves, and the coroner will chalk her death up to a broken heart.

If this lyric clip is a sneak peak at what's to come for the official music video, then we're in for a treat!