Two notes and two hand claps into the Band Perry's new single 'Better Dig Two' and one finds assurance that the sense of drama and danger the sibling trio infused into the best songs from their self-titled debut album will be back on album No. 2. Some ambient knocking combined with thin, haunting plucking make this song an instant soundtrack for Halloween. But it will likely have legs long after Oct. 31.

From a production standpoint, the song is as good as any they've released. The arrangement is clever and Kimberly Perry's voice soars over top like a raven circling its prey. Beneath it all, 'Better Dig Two' is one woman's vow to her husband that she won't carry on should their union end in death or divorce.

"So if the ties that bind ever do come loose / Tie 'em in a knot like a hangman's loose / Cause I'll go to heaven or I'll go to hell / Before I see you with someone else," she sings before the first chorus.

Like 'If I Die Young,' and to a lesser extent, 'Postcard From Paris,' this is a beautifully jarring story to tell. It's not clear, however, who is going to identify with the message. To say she comes on strong is an understatement. In fact, her lyric is something of a crazy girl's anthem. Cast in the shadow of the dark and stormy production and the gesture isn't sweet and romantic, but sort of unnerving.

"Put me in the ground / Put me six foot down / And let the stone say / Here lies the girl whose only crutch / Was loving one man just a little too much / If you go before I do / I'm gonna tell the grave digger that he better dig two," they sing during the chorus.

TBP's 'Better Dig Two' is a musical rollercoaster, interesting until the very end, even if you're not quite sure what you experienced after de-boarding.

"It won't be whiskey, it won't be meth, it'll be your name on my last breath," is more than a throw-away line that reinforces Perry's point.

The Band Perry's new album was already the most anticipated of 2013, and by proving their commitment to risk-taking, the trio pushes excitement even further. Remember that 'If I Die Young' felt a little unnerving at first listen, too. And that turned into a career song.

3.5 Stars

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