The Band Perry takes their hit 'Chainsaw' to a literal level in the new music video, using actual chainsaws to cut down trees that hold any memories of lost love.

It begins with a receptionist answering the phone at Love Is Shady Tree Service. As she chomps on her gum and files her nails, the caller on the other end of the telephone line asks if the tree service can come down and chop a tree for him.

"It's just bringing back some bad memories," he says. "Oh, I know," the receptionist commiserates. "Sometimes you just gotta cut your losses and bury the hatchet, huh?" They schedule the tree chopping, and Kimberly, Reed, and Neil Perry are shown in a green Jeep, driving through a forest. Based on the chainsaws and hatchets in their vehicle, it's obvious what they're about to do: yell Timberrrr!

They meet a young girl in the woods, who points out the tree carved with initials. Soon, the tree goes timber -- as do her bad memories. The trio does the same for several other forlorn lovers, including the guy who called them to set up his appointment.

Throughout the music video, footage of TBP playing 'Chainsaw' for a small crowd is interspersed, breaking up the forest footage with a live concert feel.

Fans of the band are not to worry; the video was filmed on a farm in Oregon, where trees are harvested for multiple purposes. So, the fallen trees were actually going to good use, instead of being cut down for the sole purpose of making a great music video.