The Band Perry's cover of 'Gentle on My Mind' is a touching tribute to the original singer, Glen Campbell. It's only fitting that the song would get a video just as beautiful as the song  itself.

The clip is scenic from the get-go, with a white Jeep parked at the foot of a mountain and a couple -- played by Alexander Ludwig and Shelley Hennig -- seated inside. Hennig, dressed very casual in a cutoff T-shirt, tells Ludwig she'll be right back, but when she returns, a photo sits in his place in the car. The photo of a nearby desert has only the words: "had to go." Hennig looks upset that he's gone, but eventually smiles through tear-filled eyes, saying, "I know."

The song starts with the man walking down the nearly empty road before it cuts to the band. The trio are rarely seen in the 'Gentle on My Mind' video, but when they are, it's simplistic beauty at its finest. Kimberly Perry stands in between her brothers, singing the song in a higher note than the original. Neil and Reid play their instruments, downplaying their contribution to the band in this vocally-driven tune.

Ludwig continues his beautiful journey through the desert, hiking up mountains and everywhere in between. When he reaches the top of a mountain, all he can see is Hennig's face, and we can only assume that when he finishes the video in a quick sprint, he's running back to her.

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