Before the first note, the Band Perry's new single 'Postcard From Paris' is a disappointment, because it symbolizes a long spring and summer (and possibly fall) that fans of the band will have to get through before hearing new music.

Why another single from their self-titled 'The Band Perry' album? 'Postcard From Paris' is a beautiful song that finds a fresh way to spell love. It's a better song than 'All Your Life,' but it's somewhat lost in the shadows of that chart-topper.

"I remember when my heart caught the fever / You were standing all alone in the summer heat / I was with my boyfriend, a new boyfriend / He was as sweet as he could be / One look at you and I was through / My heart switched up on me," Kimberly Perry sings with conversant vibrancy to open the song.

The chorus is a brilliant lyric performed with honesty and familiarity by Kimberly and the brothers Perry. The metaphor isn't right down country Main St., but neither is this band. Their gypsy souls shine through on their best songs, of which 'Postcard From Paris' is second only to 'If I Die Young.'

"Like a postcard from Paris / When I've seen the real thing / It's like finding out your diamond / Is from an old promise ring / Come back from your fortune teller / She read your cards upside down / The meanest thing you ever did is come around," they sing during the chorus. Her words hurt in all the right ways.

"Beggars can't be choosers," a wise man once said. Perhaps, but that doesn't mean that the beggar won't whine for a little while before appreciating what he's been handed. The time felt right for this band's next chapter, but good things come those who wait. (Sigh ...)

4 Stars

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