The Band Perry will be part of Super Bowl XLVII's festivities this Sunday (Feb. 2), performing at the NFL Tailgate Party. But they are not just stoked about their own performance and participating or even the gridiron happenings.

Singer Kimberly Perry is looking forward to a specific portion of the evening, and there is a reason her brother Neil is taking steps to make sure he doesn’t miss things surrounding the game, since he will be onsite.

"I’m always excited to see what kind of stage they’re gonna roll out on and what songs they’re gonna play,” Kimberly says. "That’s always my favorite."

Since the threesome will be at the game in person, with a portion of their performance airing live on Fox as part of the ongoing coverage, Neil doesn't want to miss the commercials that make Super Bowl Sunday what it is!

"I’m going to make sure we have a TV so we can watch the commercials,” he explains. “They’re always the best, they’re so funny and that’s what I’m looking forward to."

Well, most of the spots have already started leaking online, so he can get a head start sometime today if he wants! Plus, most of the commercials will end up living online after the big game!

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