The Band Perry are the latest victims of funnyman radio host Nick Kessler's prankster bit, the Worst Interview Ever.

In this last installment, WGNA personality Kessler corners the sibling trio in an elevator to torture them with awkward moments of silence for his dead cat, questions about the members' relationships to one another and comparisons to The Simpsons.

After it is established that Kimberly Perry, Reid Perry and Neil Perry are in fact related, and that there is room for other famous Perrys in their singing troupe, things take a turn for the worse in what can only be described as a hot mess.

It's an unwritten rule never to discuss religion or politics. Well, Kessler broke both of those when he probed with the deep question of God's gender, followed by the levels of content with the 2016 presidential election results. The Band Perry did their best to answer while looks of bewilderment flashed across their faces, but there was blatantly uneasy tension in the elevator interview.

Kessler continues the awkward trend by asking Neil if he received enough attention growing up, considering he was the middle child, which he says he did. Somehow, this leads to the topic of the radio host's dead cat, and results in all of them observing a collective moment of silence. Too bad "If I Die Young" wasn't playing in the background; that would have been fitting for the macabre scene.

Watch the video above for cringeworthy laughter, and take a look at all of Kessler's other deliberately awkward celebrity interviews.

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