'The Voice' contestants Brian Fuente and Nicolle Galyon have a thing for Grace Potter and Kenny Chesney, respectively. In this video, the duo performs Chesney's 'You and Tequila,' but to mix things up, Fuente sings Potter's parts and Galyon sings Chesney's.

In their blind auditions, the Nashville indie rocker sang a Potter song, while the country pianist belted Chesney's 'You Save Me.' It was pretty much a case of serendipity for them to perform 'You and Tequila,' which is Chesney's smash hit duet with Potter.

Though the pair are friends, they aren't teammates on 'The Voice' -- Fuente was selected by Blake Shelton for his now-completed team, while Adam Levine drafted Galyon.

Galyon has a sweet and twangy tone to her voice, while Fuente infuses his parts with a sense of warmth. These two could team up and become a terrific and talented country duo, if they wanted to choose that path. That male-female interplay is so popular in the genre and these two are a yin and yang. That's how perfectly their voices line up on this song -- the vocal symmetry is off the charts.

Also, this video is incredibly intimate. In fact, we feel like voyeurs peeking in on their closed recording session after having stumbled upon them.

Watch Brian Fuente + Nicolle Galyon Cover 'You & Tequila'

you & tequila - nicolle galyon & brian fuente. from Nicolle Galyon on Vimeo.