Tim McGraw may be facing legal troubles after he swatted a woman who reached out and ripped his jeans during a show in Atlanta.

During the July 13 concert, a fan appeared to inappropriately touch the singer -- video shows him getting visibly frustrated and pushing her away. It was enough for security to remove the woman, name Jesslyn Taylor, but now, she's hired a lawyer.

According to TMZ, Taylor wants an apology. The lawyer, a personal injury attorney in Georgia named Eric Hertz, maintains that the woman did not touch the 'Meanwhile Back at Mama's' singer inappropriately. He's reportedly saying it was just part of the moment, and she truly wanted to interact with the singer during his set.

Hertz says his client is upset that she is getting a bad name from the incident. Taylor is said to be embarrassed and upset and feels that the singer is blaming her.

Cops tell the website that they're on McGraw's side and feel that he acted as a reaction to being touched inappropriately.

It's not clear if the woman and her lawyer are also seeking money from McGraw, although Hertz has reportedly contact the singer's team. There is no new word from McGraw's people. The original video from the incident is here.

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