Superstar Toby Keith is not only a fan-favorite country singer -- he's also a very proud dad. His daughter, Krystal Keith, is set to release her self-titled debut EP next month.

Although the release of Keith's full-length album, 'Whiskey & Lace' is still a few months away, there has been such a tremendous response to her song 'Daddy Dance With Me' that her record label, (co-owned by her dad), is advancing an EP a few months early. It will come out on April 16, just in time for Father's Day and summer weddings.

Krystal Keith co-wrote the song with Mica Roberts and Sonya Rutledge. "I wanted a song that honored my dad and was something special on my wedding day," she says. "So I wrote and recorded it behind his back."

"The idea was to have a song that no bride and father had ever danced to before; it was my gift to him." The 'Hope on the Rocks' hitmaker was extremely surprised, and his daughter recalls that, "He actually talked all the way through the dance. I think he was kind of in shock ... he said, 'I've never heard a wedding song from the daughter's perspective.'"

Krystal Keith officially signed with Show Dog Universal in November 2012, but her potential has been well-known since her 2004 duet with her father at the CMA Awards. At the time, the elder Keith made her finish college first, which she did, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Communication from Oklahoma University.

A music video for 'Daddy Dance With Me' will be released the same day as the EP.