Before Trace Adkins performed for his fans at the CMA Music Festival on June 11, he took the time to talk to the press. His opening statement reflects Adkins' positive outlook on life, comically addressing the elephant in the room by immediately saying, "My house burned down" to the crowd of reporters.

Once the room quieted down after some laughs, Adkins shared the story of the fire, which he was not present for as he was traveling to Alaska. "I told [my wife Rhonda] after the plane refueled I would head back and she told me just to stay there, that there was nothing I could do in Nashville," Trace says.

Adkins used his humor to help his wife Rhonda, who used to be a publicist at Arista Records, stay strong after an electrical fire devoured their home in Brentwood, Tenn. "I told her to just put on her publicists' hat a minute and think about that headline: 'Trace Adkins' House Burns, His Family Is Homeless and He Goes Fishing in Alaska.' So I came home and she was right, there was nothing I could do but hug them," Adkins says.

Adkins' three young daughters, a couple of their friends, their babysitter and the family's two puppies all made it out of the burning house safely. The girls were told to meet under a tree if there ever was a fire, and when Rhonda returned home, she found the group standing at the exact spot they had talked about. He recently told The Boot, "After you realize everyone is OK, all the rest of it is just stuff. My kids are good, Rhonda's good, we have place to stay."

The family is now residing in their farmhouse outside of Nashville, and Adkins continues to thank the Lord that his children are safe. "It was traumatic, but they are not dealing with it as if it were a huge traumatic experience, like it might have been if they had seen someone get hurt," Adkins says. "They are kids, and their puppies are fine, and to them that was most the most important thing."

The 'Just Fishin'' singer is also urging his fans and friends to help the storm victims down South. "We are blessed, we are fortunate," he explains. "We are not destitute, we are not homeless, and there are other people who aren't as fortunate as we are who need a lot of help. In light of all the tornadoes and everything, we just wanted to make sure that my fans direct their generosity that way. We have a place to stay, and the kids are healthy and that's all that matters anyway."

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