Trace Adkins finds himself alongside Kris Kristofferson in the new trailer for Hickok. The two country legends reunite in another Western film which has them living in a lawless town where bullets frequently fly without notice and people constantly fear for their lives.

The film stars Luke Hemsworth, Adkins, Kristofferson and Bruce Dern, and a new trailer shows that Adkins is less than thrilled when the town's new sheriff enacts a law that no longer permits the use of firearms. He and a gang of troublemakers intend to get the law revoked by taking matters into their own hands.

Hickok is set to premiere in 10 cities across the United States on July 7. Those cities include Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Chicago and Denver. On that same day, the film will be available for purchase through On Demand and Digital HD services.

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Kristofferson and Adkins previously appeared together in 2016 in another Western film,
Traded. Adkins, meanwhile, recently released his 12th studio album. Something’s Goin’ On dropped in March and features the poignant single "Watered Down" which tells the story about a man slowing down in life.

“When I heard this song I was like, ‘Well, that’s my current state in a nutshell; that’s where I’m at right now,'"Adkins tells Taste of Country. “At some point, you face the reality that you have to temper your vices, you have to calm your ship down. And I’m still crazy, but I’m just going to temper it a little bit, and that’s what this song said.”

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