One thing’s for sure: Trace Adkins is a strong example of what tough people do -- not only in his music, but also in life. The four-time Grammy-nominated artist has seen great success as well as devastating loss -- especially the 2011 loss of his house in an electrical fire while the singer was traveling to Alaska. Since then, he has realized the necessity of making every moment count, and that includes being bluntly honest when needed.

Adkins recently showcased his newfound bluntness during a press junket for 'Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars,' the reality series in which celebrities compete to raise money for their favorite charities -- it’s entertainment for a great cause. The country singer is returning as a contestant simply because of the terrific help his family received from the Red Cross after the fire. He feels indebted to pass on that generosity, but does not feel the least bit obligated to be friends with the entire cast.

 Entertainment Weekly reports that Adkins did not want to return to the show initially because he dislikes his fellow contestants. In his words, “It puts me in a position where I’m forced to tolerate individuals that I normally wouldn’t tolerate… I don’t live my life like that. I don’t have to spend time around people that I abhor.” However, he adds, “…so it took my house burning down to get me to come back.”

Returning to the show is a big sacrifice for Adkins, so it’s clear that the tragedy of the house fire coupled with a charitable mindset has been powerfully impactful in his personal life. He concludes, “That’s the only reason I even considered coming and doing something like this.”

Equally intriguing is a comment from fellow 'Celebrity Apprentice' contestant Omarosa Manigualt, who states “Trace is a game changer. I can’t give it away, but he changes 'The Apprentice' as we know it."

We know one thing; we can’t wait until 'Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars' premieres March 13 on NBC. We’ll be watching; will you?