Perhaps this was the song Trace Adkins was recording naked? The big man has become quite a sex symbol for women over a certain age, and his new song 'Them Lips (On Mine)' is sure to stir their pots. Adkins avoids lyrical euphemisms, but underscores his steamy message with suggestive guitar licks and his trademark growl.

He may rely a little too much on suggestion alone, however, as 'Them Lips (On Mine)' lacks strong lyrical content. It's essentially a pick-up line, albeit a pretty good one if you're as confident as he is. If you're not, prepare to be slapped.

"Why you talkin' with 'em baby / How come they're sippin' on ice cold beer / Why you rubbin' Maybelline on 'em / When you should be puttin' those lips right here," Adkins sings to open the song. "They look lonely and need some kissin' / So why you sittin' way over there / Bring 'em on over, you got my permission to get to puttin' them lips right here."

It's not Shakespeare, but the production matches the cheesy verses to create a slightly eye-rolling hit you can't help but sing along to with a smile. Adkins never takes himself too seriously, consistently finding the right mix of romance and cornball goofiness. There's a good sense of humor behind his gruff exterior.

"On Mine, all night / Any other thing you're thinking 'bout doing tonight, tonight / Wouldn't be nothing but a waste of time for them lips," he adds during the chorus.

A new song seems to indicate that Adkins is working on a new album, his third with Show Dog-Universal. While 'Them Lips (On Mine)' is a fun song one hopes for better material to follow.

3 Stars

Listen to Trace Adkins, 'Them Lips (On Mine)'

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