Tyler Farr gets sexy in his new song, “Better In Boots.” The third single from his Suffer In Peace album shows yet another side of the singer. His lyrics and performance are convincing.

“Better In Boots” is a straight-down-the-middle country love song. Farr plays the role of a guy enjoying a night of fresh air and wild impulses with a girl. There are surprisingly few boot songs in country music, so Farr’s new track will immediately stand out as unique.

“Yeah, you know I love you in a tight dress / But you’re, oh my God, slippin’ out of it / You turn me on, girl you know you do / But you tear me up even better in boots,” he sings to begin “Better In Boots.” Justin Wilson, Dave Pittenger and Naomi Cooke penned the song.

A second verse adds heat, but doesn’t go so far as to push the song past a PG rating. It’s the chorus fans will hang onto:

“We ain’t gotta worry ‘bout gettin’ dirty / We can do whatever we want / Baby put your Luccheses on / You know you want to / ‘Cause we got a full moon / And it’s Friday night / Girl you got me so hooked / Ain’t nothin’ ever looked better in boots.”

Farr’s gritty voice fits this love song well — the singer is proving to be a very versatile story teller. No song is ever a sure hit, but “Better In Boots” should meet little resistance at radio. He takes few risks, and rides a great country hook to the end.

Why Fans Will Love It: "Better In Boots" shows a new, sexy side of Tyler Farr.

Key Lyrics: "Fair, girl it ain’t even fair / When all it takes is you lettin’ down your hair / To drive me wild like you know you do / It works every time but even better in boots."

Did You Know?: Songwriter Justin Wilson is hot right now. He also helped write Randy Houser's "We Went" and Michael Ray's "Kiss You In the Morning," amongst others on the radio.

Listen to Tyler Farr, "Better In Boots"

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