Tyler Farr can finally talk about his new reality television show A Little Too Farr. The series — set to debut this summer  — will feature appearances by good friends like Jason Aldean and Lee Brice, and plenty of unfiltered time with his wife Hannah.

Farr jokes that Hannah is so South Carolina that her lips don't even touch when she talks (we think that means she has an accent), but it's the singer's adventures with Aldean and company that will surely have fans most excited. He talked to Taste of Country about the new series, explaining what may or may not happen.

"Me and Jason Aldean may or may not have let his wife ..." he starts, "Maybe put some ... touched up our faces with some makeup. Maybe."

A mute Lee Brice provides comedy for another episode (the "I Drive Your Truck" singer had just had vocal surgery), and Farr's eccentric habits make for more fodder. He starts to say that the production crew doesn't follow him into the bathroom before clarifying that they kind of do.

"We all have our little habits," Farr says. "And mine, one of my favorite things to do in my spare time is peeing outside. And that's why I live in the country."

Farr explains the show like only he can. A Little Too Farr is something he's been working on since last summer. He first let it spill during an interview with ToC at Country Jam, and later provided some detail at the 2016 CMA Awards. The exact air date has not yet been announced, but the show is to be aired on Hearst and Verizon's go90 and Rated Red digital platforms. The go90 app is Verizon's mobile video app.

Musically the Taste of Country Music Festival performer is looking forward to releasing his next studio album. A new single called "I Should Go to Church" will be released to radio on Monday (April 24).

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