In his upcoming reality show, A Little Too Farr, Tyler Farr reveals just how much shenanigans a backroad country star can get into.

Best known for his hits "Redneck Crazy" and "A Guy Walks into a Bar," Farr takes the new show way past crazy concerts and songwriting rooms. Instead of focusing on the daily work tasks of musicians, Farr lets viewers in on his personal life and all the crazy that comes along with it.

A more backwoods version of MTV's Jackass, a trailer for A Little Too Far features the singer's wild antics with fellow country music friends such as Jason Aldean, Lee Brice and Jerrod Niemann.

The trailer contains previews of Farr as part of a pit crew, breaking out of a hypothetical hostage situation and attempting to conquer his fear of heights in an airplane. There are also race tracks, water jet packs, hockey rinks, explosions and plenty of fire burning through the new preview.

"I've been called redneck, crazy, but i am fun as s---." Farr says in the video. "I live for adrenaline. ...  I'm not right in the head."

From dangerous to comical, Farr takes risks with his buddies that includes a tank ride with a mute Brice and even fires a gun loaded with a tennis ball at Niemann's backside.

A Little Too Farr is a partnership with Go90 / Rated Red, and will air on Hearst and Verizon's go90 and Rated Red digital platforms beginning on June 2. Farr has been working on the project since the summer of 2016.

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