Simply put, Kelly Clarkson is must-see TV. The singer and original American Idol winner is as loose and unpredictable off stage as she is composed on stage. Vocally there are few better, but many of these Unforgettable Kelly Clarkson Moments showcase her personality.

She's a trip in the most endearing way. Recently, her trials into motherhood have provided moments every woman with kids can relate to, but America fell in love long before Clarkson began having kids. Her honest, no filter reaction on the Idol stage grabbed fans by the heart, and her music has done nothing to allow time for them to release that grip.

Among Clarkson's most unforgettable moments are snapshots of her live show, time on television and collaborations. She's mostly been a part-time country artist, but her ties to stars like Reba McEntire ensure that she'll stick around for awhile, occasionally popping up on a hit song like she's done with Jason Aldean, Vince Gill and McEntire herself. We're counting on more unforgettable moments in the future as she shares stories from raising two kids, and as she dives back into the music.

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