One country music star hired the woman he'd hoped to marry for a music video. Another legend married a man who was married to the woman her husband was having an affair with. Yeah, we were confused too, but it all worked out.

Then, there's the country stud who boldly predicted he'd marry a woman nearly two decades older than him. That's not that remarkable, until you learn that the little guy was only 11 years old at the time.

Spoiler alert: He nailed it!

An argument could be made that any time two people fall in love it's unlikely and remarkable. In a world of eight billion people, what are the odds, right? That said, there are unions that seem far more predictable than the eight you'll find below. Take Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, for example: They met on tour and started to spend time together on the road. So, it totally makes sense they'd fall in love and marry.

Miranda Lambert and husband Brendan McLoughlin, on the other hand? Well, we'll start there.

8 Unlikely Country Music Marriages + the Wild Love Stories Behind Them

These marriages are so crazy they're worth their own country song!

From the little boy who called his shot, to the cop who stole the superstar's heart, here are eight of country music's most unlikely marriages. If there's a lesson to learn, it's that no dream is too big.

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