A great music video can't make a bad song a hit, but it can certainly add a new dimension to a song we've already fallen in love with. The 10 nominees for Taste of Country's 2012 Video of the Year award make full use of the visual medium via an emotional story, vibrant and compelling images, or an exciting plot line. What was the best country music video of 2012?

Songs like 'Tornado' by Little Big Town and 'Blown Away' by Carrie Underwood lend themselves to small-screen drama. Eric Church's 'Creepin'' and Kenny Chesney's 'Come Over' are two that took a little more interpretation and some creative liberties. Read the case for each nominee below and vote for who you think should win. The ballot is open until Jan. 15, 2013 at 11:59PM ET.

Alan Jackson, 'So You Don't Have to Love Me Anymore': Alan Jackson filmed this emotional clip at Coney Island in New York. The backdrop of an almost deserted theme park add to his desperation, which is also notable for showing the singer without his famous mustache.  [Watch the 'So You Don't Have to Love Me Anymore' Video]

Carrie Underwood, 'Blown Away': You just knew the video for Underwood's 'Blown Away' would be jolting, and it didn't disappoint. The singer plays the victim in this story -- she's a young woman who makes the most of an opportunity for revenge. Black and white photography and the dust bowl of Oklahoma add to the unrelenting power of this clip.  [Watch the 'Blown Away' Video]

Eric Church, 'Creepin'': There is nothing generic or mainstream about the video for Church's 'Creepin'.' The metaphor he and director Peter Zavadil use to tell his story might fly over a few heads, but they create a dark and twisted mini-movie fit for an art house theater.  [Watch the 'Creepin'' Video]

Justin Moore, ''Til My Last Day': You have to watch this video to the end to get the full impact. Much like the song, Justin Moore's clip is just a sweet, unimpeded love story bound to put a smile on any romantic's face.  [Watch the ''Til My Last Day' Video]

Kenny Chesney, 'Come Over': Chesney's 'Come Over' video is slow-paced and intimate. It's filmed in black and white, yet somehow it's as visually compelling as anything on this list. He and director Shaun Silva took their time with each scene, lingering on the beauty of the romance. [Watch the 'Come Over' Video]

Little Big Town, 'Tornado': Much like Underwood's 'Blown Away,' 'Tornado' tells a revenge story. LBT do it with the help of a few non-essential, but captivating, characters. One can't help but be a little fearful of the foursome after watching this dark story.  [Watch the 'Tornado' Video]

Miranda Lambert, 'Fastest Girl in Town': Miranda Lambert gets the award for best cameo appearance in a music video. Danica Patrick more than holds her own in the mini-movie for 'Fastest Girl in Town.' The two bad girls steal a car and make a run for it. We find ourselves cheering for them to get away with it.  [Watch the 'Fastest Girl in Town' Video]

Miranda Lambert, 'Over You': Lambert scores a second nomination with 'Over You,' a video filmed just days after she'd being dealt a personal loss. The costuming and barren setting for the video accentuate her suffering. We haven't loved a horse this much since Seabiscuit.  [Watch the 'Over You' Video]

Taylor Swift (feat. the Civil Wars), 'Safe & Sound': Winter and forests were popular in 2012. Taylor Swift's 'Safe and Sound' video was inspired by 'The Hunger Games,' a story also told in a dark and dangerous forest. While this tune didn't get the same airplay as some of Swift's other vids from this year, it's the most artistically satisfying clip she released all year. [Watch the 'Safe & Sound' Video]

Thompson Square, 'Glass': Much like the video for 'Come Over,' Thompson Square's 'Glass' video relies on subtle movements and gestures. It's another clip in black and white, leaving it up to Keifer and Shawna Thompson to bring color to a tortured love.  [Watch the 'Glass' Video]

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