The oddest things can go viral during a broadcast like the 2013 CMA Awards. It wasn't the Band Perry's song that fans wanted to know about. And it wasn't George Strait's connection to George Jones that topped web searches during his tribute performance with Alan Jackson. Luke Bryan's poignant 'Drink a Beer' performance was good, but fans were more interested in something else at that moment -- 10:48PM ET to be precise.

The Top 5 Viral Moments from the 2013 CMA Awards were assembled by watching search traffic on ToC during the three-hour ABC broadcast. Phrases like "Zac Brown's beanie" and "How tall is Blake Shelton?" didn't quite make the list. They may have, had it not been for one topic that caused the greatest traffic surge of all time. That came before Strait won his Entertainer of the Year award trophy.

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    Luke Bryan and Zac Brown Bro Hug

    Just 60 seconds into Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood's much-anticipated monologue, viewers had questions, and ToC had answers. What was the Luke Bryan and Zac Brown feud all about, and what did Tom Petty say about country music? Bryan and Brown seem to have patched things up. Their 'bro hug' felt sincere and spontaneous. Hopefully, it brings an uncomfortable period of artist-against-artist gossiping to a close.

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    Taylor Swift's All-Star Band Performs 'Red'

    Searches for Taylor Swift and her song 'Red' were understandable during the all-star performance, one of the highlights of the 2013 CMA Awards. Some other searches spoke to the distracted nature of the viewing audience. "Vince Gill songs" was a hot search phrase, as the singer joined Swift on stage to sing. People also wanted to know more information about his personal life, like who he's married to. Perhaps next year the CMAs could scroll full biographies of everyone on stage to keep viewers more interested?

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    How Old Is George Strait?

    It's not very polite to ask, but hundreds did on Wednesday night. The 61-year-old joined Alan Jackson to pay tribute to George Jones, and predictably, interest in how the Possum died caused a traffic spike. Thinking about country legends led many to be curious about Randy Travis' recent health, as well. The whole performance represented a surge in CMAs interest after traffic plummeted during Taylor Swift's Pinnacle Award acceptance ceremony.

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    The Band Perry's Kimberly Perry Dedicates 'Don't Let Me Be Lonely'

    It wasn't clear who Kimberly Perry dedicated 'Don't Let Me Be Lonely' to at the 2013 CMAs, but viewers must have assumed it was a boyfriend or fiance, because everyone wanted to know who he is. "Kimberly Perry engaged" was a huge search phrase, with thousands learning that Major League Baseball player J.P. Arencibia is the lucky guy. A dozen or so fans had something else on their minds. However, they came away unsatisfied after searching "Kimberly Perry bikini" at around 9:30PM ET.

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    Luke Bryan Performs 'Drink a Beer' for Siblings

    While introducing the performance, Carrie Underwood nonchalantly mentioned that Luke Bryan would be singing his new song 'Drink a Beer' in memory of his siblings. This created an information vacuum that fans needed to fill, and they did. Searches for "Luke Bryan's siblings" spiked ToC traffic to all-time highs during the three-minute performance. Most of the search traffic landed here, where you can read about Kelly and Chris' passing.

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