As Sugarland takes a step back from music to give spunky Jennifer Nettles time to adjust to the demands of motherhood, everyone's wondering if the duo has plans of going their separate ways. Kristian Bush opened up on the details on their decision process, including what's next for the fan-favorite duo. 

"We haven't talked about an end date," he tells the Hollywood Reporter, much to the relief of fans. "We decided not to write anything for the next record until the other side of the baby, which seems like a good choice, because she's going to see world differently after the baby than before. So I think there's plenty of time [for solo projects] right now."

Bush, who recently debuted a single called 'Love or Money' in Europe, has been testing the waters of a solo career during the duo's break, and it sounds like he's pretty excited about it. "If a record becomes part of this, absolutely, without blinking, I would tour," he reveals.

He's also completely supportive of whatever Nettles decides to do, especially since he has two kids of his own. "Jennifer wants to be a mom and experience that, and I totally understand because I have two kids and raised them through all this," he relates.

"I think you have to trust mothers on that kind of stuff," he continues. "In my experience, they sometimes want more time and sometimes get antsy that they want to get back to work. There's an identity thing that goes on where you spend so much time caring for your child that after a year or so you have to shake it off and go 'Who am I?' [Either way] I am nothing but supportive of that experience for her or anybody else."

It sounds like Sugarland is doing a great job of keeping the lines of communication open with each other and their fans, and as Nettles continues in her role of being a new mom, the path will become more and more clear. Stay tuned!

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