Lauren Alaina is getting married, but we have a few questions. Mainly: "When? Where? How? What?!"

Ponder those while we answer the most important one: "Who?"

Alex Hopkins is Alaina's husband-to-be. The couple have been dating for nearly six years after meeting in July 2012. It didn't take long for her to start gushing on him. In March 2013 she told the Boot Hopkins was a normal guy who is "very respectful to adults and he stays out of trouble. My best friend and I were talking about him and she was like, 'I want someone just like him.'"

Those early days also included a few mushy tweets:

Alaina kept his identity a secret for a long time, citing that he didn't like the attention that comes with fame in a post-American Idol world. Both the singer and her man graduated from high school the same year, and while she pursued country music stardom, he went to college and graduated in 2017.

On Instagram Hopkins describes himself as an actor/model, and yeah, he kind of fits that description:

The proposal wasn't a total shock. In May Alaina told Taste of Country they'd talked about marriage, but she didn't know if or when the question would come. Both are 23 years old, she points out.

"My parents got married really young and that didn't work out, but Alex’s parents got married really young and they have been together for 30 years or something crazy, so I guess different strokes for different folks," she says.

So, does she think Hopkins is sexy? ... Is that even a question?

"He’s the most attractive man I have ever seen," Alaina admits." Like every time I look at him — I mean, the older we get, the more attractive he gets and I’m starting to be like, 'Glad we met at 17 because you are way cuter than me.'"

Watch the above video for the 5 reasons we agree with Alaina. There's his abs and his abs, and his style ... and his abs. Plus how he stuck with Alaina through her ups and downs, including a battle with bulimia — that's pretty damn hot and rare for a guy that young!

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