Willie Nelson has long been in support of the legalization of marijuana, explaining that it makes him feel more relaxed and even provides health benefits. The singer is optimistic about the drug becoming legal, recently noting that "the future looks good."

Nelson -- who started the Teapot Party movement after his 2010 arrest for possession of six ounces of weed in Texas -- now has more than 115,000 followers supporting the movement on Facebook. The Teapot Party urges to tax, regulate and legalize marijuana, and its motto is: "We lean a little to the left."

"Get out and go vote," the legend tells CelebStoner News, offering advice to those who believe in the cause. "If it's the day to go vote, make sure you go vote before you burn one down."

He adds hilariously, "Don't get high and forget to vote."

The Red Headed Stranger acknowledges that pot's traction "has a lot to do with Colorado and Washington, all the states that have legalized it. That's a big deal."

He adds, "I probably was one of the most surprised. I didn't think it would happen in my lifetime, but here it is. The future looks good."

Nelson says that the main driver behind the legalization can be summarized in one word: money. "There's a lot of money in selling marijuana. If you can do it legally, that's good. Why should all the criminals make the money?" he asks. "This is what people are thinking. If it's happening, if it's going to be legal, let's tax it and regulate it, like we do with everything else and make some money off this. I think that's one reason why people are talking this a little more seriously."

The 'On the Road Again' hitmaker will continue to fight for the legalization of marijuana, even at the age of 81. In addition to his weed advocacy, Nelson just streeted a new album called 'Band of Brothers' -- a 14-track record that includes 9 co-writes by the legend.