A woman was devastated after she went all out for her best friend's baby shower and no one showed up.

In a viral TikTok, the woman revealed that not a single one of the 17 guests who RSVPed confirming their attendance showed up for the party.

"POV: you spent weeks planning and preparing your bestie’s baby shower," text over the video reads.

The expectant mother and the friend originally had high hopes for the bash. "We were both so excited for the shower. I start making all the fun decorations," more text reads.

"But hours before the shower, people started to text her. Everyone messaging saying sorry can’t make it," the text continues, as the video shows text messages from guests canceling the day of the party.

"17 people sent back an RSVP, but not a single person came," the woman writes, noting the expectant mother tried to stay positive throughout the party: "Somehow she managed to smile through it. But I knew her heart was crushed."

After the baby shower, however, the woman's friend texted her telling her she "could not stop crying ... my face and eyes are so swollen that I can barely open them."

The woman also revealed that she posted a message to the Facebook group for the baby shower, slamming those who didn't show up.

"Usually I wouldn’t say anything, but I do want to express how important it is to let people know if you are not going to be attending. 17 people RSVP’d, and not a single one showed up. I understand that life happens — so please don’t commit to events that you aren’t 100% sure you will be attending. It would’ve been easier just to reschedule," she wrote to the guests.

The woman claims not a single person responded to the post.

"People can be cold. She deserves so much more," the woman captioned the video.

Watch the clip, below:

In the comments section, TikTok users rallied behind the women, with many suggesting the mom-to-be ditch those other so-called friends.

"One friend like you is worth the 17 that didn’t show," one person wrote.

"I take my child to EVERY party she is invited to through school & we will be like the ONLY ones that show up. It’s SO SAD. I’m sorry for you & her," another commented.

"I hope she is no longer friends with those people! Only 2 of mine showed up & the rest claimed they forgot, but no longer friends with any of them," someone else shared.

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