Sorry Jamie Dutton, there are no take-backs on this one. The middle son of Yellowstone's John Dutton did something he'll never be forgiven for to close Season 1 of the Western drama.

His actions will define his character for each of the next four seasons, and forever change how his family — and viewers — think of him.

No spoilers here. This Season 1 finale preview won't get into details about what happened other than to suggest where we're headed. Longtime fans already know why Sheriff Donnie Haskel (Hugh Dillon) deceived John and Rip. They also know what's to come of Dan Jenkins, who, by the end of Ep. 9, finds himself in a very precarious position.

Yellowstone, Season 1 Ep. 9 Preview:

Episode 8 of Yellowstone finished with wolves eating a bear killed by Rip Wheeler, and that's bad news, because he has not yet been cleared of the deaths of two tourists who wandered onto ranch land. Ep. 9 starts there. It's a scene you'll want to remember if you plan to move forward with Season 2.

Much of the rest of the episode involves a series of tense meetings. Beth and Jamie get together at his campaign office. The governor and John palaver about his future as Livestock Commissioner. Thomas Rainwater and Dan Jenkins look close to finalizing their partnership, but all is not as it seems in that room.


Finally, Jamie decides to meet with the newspaper reporter posing as campaign staff. That's the big cliffhanger to chew on before you begin Season 2 (currently only available on Peacock). Of course, this isn't to say everything else is fluff.

A new horse groomer rouses the bunk house as Walker steps outside to find Beth looking more vulnerable than ever. Finally, viewers get a sense that John is not being truthful about his health.

When Is Yellowstone Ep. 9 on TV?

Season 1, Ep. 9 "The Unraveling Part 2" will air on CBS this Sunday (Oct. 22) after 60 Minutes (approximately 8PM ET). A recap with insight will appear at that time, and on Monday (Oct. 23), Adison Haager and Billy Dukes  — hosts of the popular Dutton Rules podcast — will offer insight and analysis of events taking place in the Taylor Sheridan drama.

A look ahead at CBS' schedule for Oct. 29 finds that Season 2 of Yellowstone will begin immediately. That means you won't have to pay to play anytime soon, as long as you're patient.

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