Season 2 of Yellowstone started with Monica recovering after being accidentally punched in the face, but fans of the TV show showed little sympathy. Why?

The character (played by Kelsey Asbille) is the show's moral compass, but throughout early episodes she was still figuring out what that meant. It was all epitomized during a sequence in Episode 1, "The Thundering," when she goes for a university job previously arranged for her by John Dutton.

The Dutton Rules team discuss this scene and other critical plot points during this week's episode of the podcast:

Monica Long is Kayce Dutton's wife, and at this point in their relationship, she's living with her family as he lives back on the Yellowstone Ranch. While not quite divorced, they seem destined to get there, and she's been a bit blamey.

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Certain seasons of Yellowstone capture the complete growth of a character. For example, Season 4 was Lloyd's year. Season 2 will be Jamie's. Season 1 was arguably Beth's, as she matured (and quit drinking).

Monica's journey bridges several seasons, and it's not until mid-Season 5 that we see where she's headed. Along the way, she's at the center of several unfortunate accidents or coincidences. The punch she takes during Season 1 is just the start of it.

What's memorable about the scene at the university is how Monica guilt-trips someone who just gave her a pretty good job. While acknowledgment of pain and suffering caused by the subject she'll be teaching (Christopher Columbus) is plenty appropriate, there's not a note of excitement as she agrees. Remember, she went back to the campus to ask for a job she originally turned down. A simple handshake or a polite "thank you" would have gone far to balance the Debbie Downer vibe she's bringing.

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