Keith Urban has always been cute, and he's always been country. Way back in 1979, our favorite Aussie was in an adorable kids group, letting his brilliant talent shine before he was a megastar!

It may take you a minute to recognize Urban in this clip. Here's a clue: Even in the '70s, he loved his hair long and was pretty stylish for the time. Urban was a member of Kids Country, a group of young, talented kids who performed on Reg Lindsay's Country Homestead, according to the YouTube video.

Urban leads the group, plucking away as the song starts. The Australian Junior Country Music Group covered "It's So Easy" — a song originally cut by Buddy Holly and the Crickets — dressed in matching T-shirts, matching harmonies on individual microphones. Although we may not know where the rest of the group is these days, Urban is busy tearing up the charts and waiting to release his new album, Ripcord.

Check out the video above to see Urban and Kids Country cover "It's So Easy."

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