Zac Brown Band's songs come together in an unusual way, but they always seem to work, as is the case with their current single. 'The Wind' lyrics just seemed to blow together, in a sense, the song's co-writers explained to Taste of Country.

"One of the things Zac and I do a lot is we take pieces and parts of songs [and put them into different songs we are working on]," says Wyatt Durrette, who penned the tune along with Brown and Levi Lowrey.

"The chorus of that song [came to me when] I was laying in bed," he continues. "[I] had just woken up, and my son had crawled in bed with me earlier that night. He was laying next to me. I kind of opened my eyes and there was his face. I wrote it about just looking at him and never feeling a love like that in my entire life, is what that's about."

"Where the wind blows / Babe you can bet / I'll be ridin' high with it / Holdin' on for my dear life / Just like I always did / Close your eyes, babe / Take a breath / Say my name and I'll be there / My love will find you anywhere / Anywhere my love," he wrote in the chorus lyrics to Zac Brown Band's 'The Wind.'

"Levi Lowrey and I -- on a completely different note and a completely different song -- wrote the verses to a song," Durrette recalls. "The song was about a woman and getting home to a woman. The chorus of that song is now the bridge to 'The Wind.' Basically what we did was just put it all together. It worked perfectly. It's a great song."

"'The Wind' is a marriage of two good songs," Levi Lowrey adds. "The offspring got the genius gene that skipped over the previous generation. I'm just happy to be a part of the amalgamation."

"So I'll fly all night / Our memory's my lullaby that love won't lie / If it's love done right / You'll be waiting on the other side / Arms open wide / If love don't lie / Lie / We can fly," they wrote in the lyrics to their other idea.

"It's the same kind of sentiment, just used on somebody else," Durrette explains. "No matter what, I love you and will always be there for you if you need me, no matter what happens."

"'The Wind' was a collaborative effort," adds Lowrey. "I'm just happy that I was able to play my little part."

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