Warning: Video contains strong language.

Zac Brown is taking a musical detour with a new group called Sir Rosevelt, and his longtime fans have never heard the Zac Brown Band frontman sound anything like this before.

The first fans heard of Sir Rosevelt was in September, when a website dedicated to the band appeared online, accompanied by a song titled "Sunday Finest." Far from the rootsy music most associated with ZBB, the song blends gospel, jazz and disco, featuring a full horn section and up-tempo beat.

On Friday (Sept. 30) the band released the video for the new song directly to Twitter. Directed by Diego Pernia, the clip is certainly a stab in a very different direction for Brown. Check it out above.

The trio -- consisting of Brown, Niko Moon and Ben Simonetti -- talked about the song's creation and how Sir Rosevelt came together in another clip they posted online.

In a unique marketing strategy, the band released several more tracks directly online, bypassing more traditional methods of presenting music to the masses. Those tracks include "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us," which features an improbable mix of horns, dance beats and a sprightly acoustic rhythm track. Be advised that several of the ensuing tracks contain strong language that is NSFW.

"For My Own" features the members of Sir Rosevelt trading vocals over a one-of-a-kind mix of acoustic elements and disco-influenced strings.

Brown and company also explore EDM for "Take Your Love Away," which blends electronic percussion, compressed vocals and distorted guitars.

ZBB experimented with a number of more contemporary influences on their most recent record, Jekyll + Hyde, but they've announced they intend to return to their roots for their next project. In the meantime, Brown appears to be maintaining his interest in a wider mix of influences with Sir Rosevelt.

"It's fun, we get to explore all the other influences that we like and I think it's just got a lot more international appeal," he tells Billboard. "It's not shoved in a bucket like country music is."

Sir Rosevelt's debut album is slated for release on Oct. 28, and is currently available for pre-order via iTunes. Brown intends for the band to perform live at several large festivals, and even says they could play on the bill with his other, more famous band.

He's not too worried about the music alienating existing fans.

"Some people are gonna hate anything, they’re gonna hate when anybody tries to go or do anything and that’s usually the people who don’t ever create anything themselves," he says. "It’s gonna be interesting to see but I don’t see any of our fans that love what we do not loving Sir Rosevelt. They’re not losing Zac Brown Band, they’re gaining Sir Rosevelt."

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