Zac Brown heads up one of the most successful acts in country music today, but he says much of the credit goes to someone who's mostly out of the spotlight — his wife, Shelly.

Brown dropped by the Taste of Country Nights studio to tell host Sam Alex about the Zac Brown Band's summer tour, but the conversation soon turned to his wife, who recently launched her own jewelry line.

"She's really, really talented, and she's been raising babies for the last eight years, so now she's stepping out and really putting her imagination into her work," he says. "Her jewelry and everything she makes is amazing. I'm her biggest fan."

Brown says Shelly has been the one who holds their family together while he's off touring, growing ZBB from a band playing clubs into the stadium-filling act they are today. "She's been so gracious, being my rock through everything we've been through, and so now I get to support her in what she's doing. She's amazing."

One of the couple's biggest challenges has been balancing Zac's career with finding time for their family, which now includes five children. "Just trying to figure out how to not give completely everything of yourself away. Sometimes I've given too much away, and she's been a good radar for me to know when I needed to focus more at home," he admits. "I try to be really conscious. I don't want to ever look back and regret not raising my kids, and not being around."

In fact, despite his busy schedule, Brown rarely goes more than four days without seeing his kids."It takes her being open and willing, and it's a moving target ever year, to figure it out," he says.

Zac Brown Band recently released a new album, Jekyll + Hyde, and are currently embarked on a massive tour that runs through September.

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