Zac Brown may have his own band, but that's just one portion of the star's entrepreneurial ventures -- 1/12 to be exact. Brown helps operate a dozen companies, though he is quick to say he does it "with a lot of help of other people." But the serial entrepreneur has one endeavor that seems to be taking up more of his time lately, and that's his non-profit camp Camp Southern Ground, which will be open to campers come 2014.

Located just south of Atlanta, the camp is designed for all kinds of kids, including the mainstream kids, those who are considered underprivileged and those with special needs. The singer, who is also quite the chef, has taken his culinary love and added it into the overall vision of the camp.

"We'll have an organic farm there, straight farm-to-table," he said in a recent interview with the Boot. "The kids will be able to eat what they pull up from out the ground that day. It's a big project, a big undertaking." Brown explained that ever since he worked as a camp counselor as a 14-year-old kid he's always wanted to run a camp, saying, "I realized the difference it can make in a kid's life."

If there's anyone out there who can consider himself an expert in what kids need, Brown would be that person. The proud father of four daughters, the 'No Hurry' singer says he and his wife aren't saying "no" to more kids, but they're enjoying the longest stretch she's been "unpregnant" in a while -- a whole year.

Brown is sure to be busy in the near future with raising money for his camp, being a dad and releasing his new album 'Uncaged' with Zac Brown Band July 10.

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