Alan Jackson's No. 1 hit 'Good TImes' is certainly an anthem and a paean for hard-working 9-to-5-ers across this great nation of ours. That's why the song is the perfect soundtrack for a recent G.E. "ecomagination" commercial celebrating that hard-working spirit, while also promoting energy efficiency and imagination.

The commercial features the work force of America, be it office dwellers, aviators, car makers, factory workers or lab technicians, taking a brief break from their duties to perform a massive line dance. As they're shakin' what the good Lord gave them, Jackson provides the music and a good-natured call for a little time off:

"Work work all week long / Punching that clock from dusk till dawn / Counting the days till Friday night / That’s when all the conditions are right / For a good time / I need a good time."

The loose, silly dancing will in this commercial certainly put a smile on your face. The song can be found on Jackson's 2008 album entitled, appropriately, 'Good Time.'

Watch the G.E. Commercial Featuring Alan Jackson's 'Good Time'

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